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Working It All Out With Hugs

If you need one, or know someone that needs one you can find them here! Bear hugs!

Bear Hugs are the best!

August 2022

It is cold and wet outside but I am next to the heater working on Godly and Mythical Bears. If you have a godly suggestion for a bear you can contact me on my Facebook Page and feel free to take part in the bimonthly free poster draw.

May 2022

I am currently working out some themes based around addiction to everyday things. Things we can not do without. Like coffee! As coffee addict bear is so popular and universally relatable I want to find some other addictions which also vibe with viewers. So far I have Vodka Bear, and Tea Time Bunny. These will be real life paintings eventually. Up for sale and merchandising for the Armadale Hills Open Studio Trail this September.